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Geatron, a Green Company,  is developing a series of systems, devices, instruments and appliances some of which are capable of Carbon Dioxide reduction (MI-3340p system) and designed to significantly reduce Green House Gases which are believed to be a contributing factor to Global Warming.  We are also researching high capacity Storage Cell devices and other green energy instruments in order to help reduce our worlds carbon footprint.


Geatron is  in the process of developing the Newest Technologies and Systems intended for the safe reduction of Radioactive Waste and the production of renewable energy (PATRI system).


The company is also developing a process whereby large quantities of clean water suitable for Agricultural and Domestic uses will be obtained from the Desalination of Saltwater with the use of renewable energy sources   (DS-2470x system). 


Geatron is proud to be involved in such important world-wide efforts to solve these significant real-life issues.  If you are interested in participating or have an idea for an invention that may help our efforts please contact us.  Thank you.


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